Tim Gajser

The unstoppable Tim Gajser racks up victory after victory

Tim Gajser was born on 8 September 1996 in Ptuj, a town in north-east Slovenia. His father Bogomir was also a motocross rider and introduced his son to the world of motocross at a young age.

From the moment the Honda team took “Tiga 243” under its wing in 2013, Gajser’s rise has been meteoric. His style of riding has won him fans and fame throughout the world and he has conquered a series of European and world titles. At the age of just 19 he became Honda’s first back-to-back World Champion of the MXGP era.

In 2015, three years after winning the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) Rookie of the Year award, he became the World Champion in the MX2 class, an achievement that led sports journalists in Slovenia to proclaim him the most promising sportsman of the year. He went on to win the world title in the elite MXGP class in 2016 and 2019, before repeating the feat in 2020.

The number 243 on his bike is a reference to the date of birth of his late brother Žan, who was born on 24 March 1992. His tenacity, fighting spirit and respectful attitude towards all who have shared in his achievements, and also his competitors, are the characteristics of a top athlete of whom we Slovenes can rightly be proud.

Date of Issue – 12 Nov 2021