Stop Climate Change -Miniature Sheet Austria 2021

“Stop Climate Change“ is written in red-white-red letters on the stamp block, which consists of two separate motifs: one shows a stylized polar bear, the other the native ibex – both species are threatened by global warming.

The consequences of global warming can be felt everywhere: glaciers and polar ice caps are melting, and rising sea levels are causing flooding in coastal areas and may even lead to the demise of small islands. Weather extremes such as droughts and floods are also becoming more frequent outside coastal areas and islands.

Many animal and plant species are in acute danger of extinction due to global warming. This is particularly evident in animals such as the polar bear, whose habitat is literally melting away under its paws. This makes the polar bear a sad symbol of the climate catastrophe. But as glaciers melt and temperatures rise in the mountains, native animals such as the ibex are also losing their habitat.

The special issue block with a total face value of 4.10 EUR will be issued in an edition of 130,000 blocks of 2. It was issued on 06 Dec 2021.