Canakkale 1915 Bridge -Turkey 2021.

Turkey issued a Four Turkish Lira Souvenir Sheet on 06 Oct 2021 featuring the Canakkale 1915 bridge. It was issued to mark the 12th International Transport and Communication forum. this Bridge is also known as Dardanelles Bridge. it is a suspension bridge being constructed in the Province of Canakkale spanning the Dardanelles strait south of Sea of Marmara.

With a span of 2023 metres it will surpass Akashi kaikyo Bridge in Japan by 32 metres to become the Longest suspension Bridge in the World.

Numbers and Figures

  • The Construction started on 18 Mar 2017 and shall finish on 18 mar 2022.
  • The figure 1915 in the name of the bridge , the height of towers 318 metres and Mar 18 refer to the Turkish Naval Victory of 18 Mar 1915 during the naval operations in Galipoli Campaign.
  • The Length of main span 2023 metres refers to Centennial of Turkish Republic in 2023.