Black Stork & Eagle-owl – Moldova -EUROPA 2021- Booklet

5.75 L – The Black stork (Latin – Ciconia nigra) is a species of large migratory bird, with a black head, chest, neck and back with purplish-green shades, in contrast to the white breast and belly. Also known as the Black Crow, similar to the White stork, it makes calls quite rarely. As a rule, it is a loud scream in flight or clinking its beak, making various calls, such as whistling (during the mating season) and swishes. Being more solitary than other storks, in the Republic of Moldova, it nests in the ponds of the Lower Prut, and when searching food it frequents the ponds of the lower Dniester. It is included in the Red Book as a strictly endangered species.

11 L- EURASIAN EAGLE-OWL– One of the Largest Species of Owl where females can grow upto 30 Inches with a wingspan of 188cms. the species has distinctive ear tufts and Orange eyes. It is widely distributed and under IUCN list listed as Least Concern category.

Date of Issue – 28 May 2021 Print – 3,000 Face Value – 48 L (Moldovan Leu)