Grapes of Rara Neagra -Joint Stamp Issue Republic of Moldova – Romania -2021

To mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations, Moldova issued a set of Postage Stamps on November 24, the joint stamp issue  Republic of Moldova– Romania.

Rara Neagra Grapes & Traditional Flask

On the stamp with a face value of 1.75 Moldovan Leu  is reproduced a Flask made by the folk craftsman from the Republic of Moldova, Victor Pelin and the bunches of a grape variety representative for Moldova, Rara Neagra. It is a kind of wine grape, very old, known since the Geto-Dacian period. The wine from this grape variety was among the favourite wines of Stephen the Great. It is cultivated in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, the United States of America and is known under about 80 different names. In the Republic of Moldova, it is cultivated in vineyards along the Dniester River, predominantly in Purcari vineyard, and bears the title of “national variety”. It ranks 4th among the indigenous varieties by area and represents 102.0 ha. Rara Neagra reaches full maturity in the second half of September. It has large yields, of 20 t/ha and even more, the production of a vine stock varying between 3.5 to 9 kg. Due to its high acidity, Rara Neagra is used to obtain rosé and red sparkling wines, unique in taste and flavour. It is often used in blends with classic varieties, but also with local varieties such as Feteasca Neagra. In the past, in Moldova, there was a custom of walking with the wine flask through the village to invite guests to the wedding. If the man intended to come, he drank wine from the flask. At present, the flask is a real treasure carved in wood, handcrafted made by folk craftsmen, used, for the most part, to decorate homes, pubs, etc.

Date of Issue 24 Nov 2021 Print – 45,000 in Panes of Ten stamps in Mini sheet.