Thirtieth anniversary of the international recognition of the Republic of Croatia

15 January 2022
After the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia adopted the Constitutional Decision on the Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Croatia on 25 June 1991, and the Decision on the Termination of State and Legal Relations with the SFRY on 8 October 1991, Croatia was internationally recognized on 15 January 1992.

The international recognition came during the time of war, after Croatian military and police forces had successfully defended most of the state’s territory from Greater-Serbia aggression.

On 15 January 1992, the Republic of Croatia was recognized by all twelve member states of the then European Community, as well as Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Poland and Switzerland. Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Iceland, Estonia, the Holy See, and San Marino had previously already done so. By the end of January 1992, Croatia was recognized by 44 states, and in May of the same year it was admitted to the United Nations.

Over the course of the last 30 years, Croatia has established itself internationally, become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union, as well as numerous international organizations, and has made a significant contribution to building peace in the world by participating in peacekeeping operations.

On 15 January 2022, we will also mark the 24th anniversary of the successful completion of the process of the peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Danube region into the constitutional order of the Republic of Croatia.