100 Years of Fazer Blue -Finland 2022

Posti celebrates Fazer Blue, Finland’s favorite chocolate, which first went on sale in 1922, with its own stamp. Karl Fazer’s golden signature and the blue wrapper have been the emblem and quality guarantee of milk chocolate from the very beginning. They are also featured on the delicious stamp designed by Paula Salviander, which focuses on the essential: a newly opened Fazer Blue chocolate bar.

The blue color of Fazer was registered as its own trademark in 2001, which serves as a symbol for the chocolate even without having to write the name. For Finns, Fazer Blue represents the Blue Heart of the whole company. Indeed, Fazer has been one of the most appreciated Finnish brands for years.

The design work for the stamp began on Posti’s initiative at a joint meeting with Posti’s Design Manager and Fazer’s Brand Manager and Head of Communications. “The finished stamp was to reflect Fazer Blue’s brand and flavors. The clarity of the colors and details in stamp size was ensured several times in the design work and the proof stage,” Tommi says.

Paula did several drafts of the design, which were further developed with the help of Tommi. “The work resulted in a delicious stamp, with chocolate pieces extending over the edges of the stamp. This gave the stamp a three-dimensional look and captured the atmosphere of fresh chocolate. It was great to be part of the team designing the stamp for the brand icon Fazer Blue for the anniversary year,” Paula says.

The Fazer Blue 100 Years stamp sheet has 10 domestic no-value indicator stamps. Face Value 1.85 euro on day of issue.