First Day Cover Slovenia 2022 – Krn Lake

To the northeast of Mt Krn (2,244 m), at 1,394 metres above sea level lies the high mountain Krn Lake, which measures 180 metres in width and 400 metres in length. The lake covers a total surface area of 4.6 hectares, and is 17 metres deep. Due to its position high in the mountains, the lake is frozen over for several months, and covered in snow in winter. Researchers have determined that the lake is of glacial origin and at one time was much deeper. Its surface was at least 32 metres higher. Two species of fish inhabit the lake: minnow and brook trout. The trout were brought to the lake in 1929. Krn Lake is the biggest high mountain lake in Slovenia

Date of issue 28 Jan 2022 Denomination 2.37 Euro