The Museum of Ethnography Budapest – Hungary 2022 -Miniature Sheet

Magyar Posta is marking the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Museum of Ethnography by issuing a commemorative miniature sheet. The miniature sheet was designed by the graphic artist Eszter Domé and produced by ANY Security Printing Company.

Budapest’s Museum of Ethnography is one of the most important specialised museums in Europe. In addition to more than 200,000 ethnographic objects, its collection includes unique photographs, manuscripts, and folk music and film recordings. Besides the priceless artefacts of Hungarian folk culture, the museum houses the country’s largest international collection and is an important centre for research into contemporary culture. The museum is considered to have been founded on 5 March 1872 as this was the date when János Xántus (1825-1894) was appointed keeper of the Ethnographic Department of the Hungarian National Museum.

The miniature sheet features stamps depicting four of the Museum of Ethnography’s precious artefacts from the year of its foundation: the Painted Chest, the Guild Jar, the Earthenware Canteen and the Tulip Chest. The frame of the miniature sheet is adorned with details of the four artefacts. The special first day cover for the miniature sheet features a plan of the new building of the Museum of Ethnography. The design on the special postmark repeats the motif on the frame of the miniature sheet.

Date of Issue -04 Mar 2022 4xStamps of 200HUF each

Ethnography -The scientific description of peoples and cultures with their customs, habits, and mutual differences.