Croatian Flora 2022


The Bistrica variety is a shrub rose of upright growth and golden-yellow flowers with a pleasant scent. It can be used as an ornament in the garden or as a cut flower because the cut flowers stay fresh in the water for a long time. Bistrica belongs to the so-called hybrid tea roses.

Hybrid tea roses are the largest and most widespread group of roses, popular due to the great variety of colors and shades of flowers and frequent flowering.

The creator of the Bistrica variety is Josip Rogin (1947-2020), a writer, gardener and rose-enthusiast. Rogin has dedicated his entire life to roses, and during decades of rose hybridization and cultivation, following the example of the famous English rose breeder David Austin, he created a Croatian collection of roses with more than 20 new varieties. Some of them are grown in the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb.

The Bistrica rose was bred from the Doris Tysterman variety, a tea rose with orange flowers combined with a yellow hue. The Bistrica variety was named after the shrine of Our Lady of Bistrica in Marija Bistrica, where in 1994 it was first promoted for the Feast of the Assumption.


The Christ Jubilee rose variety is a tea rose whose petals are delicately pinkish-yellow, with intense red dots. Due to its special flowers, the Christ Jubilee is a favorite garden rose, and can be found in many nurseries. The creator of this variety is also Josip Rogin.

Roses belong to the genus Rosa. The genus Rosa – depending on the author – includes 100 to 250 wild species of roses distributed mostly in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. More than 30 species of the genus Rosa grow wild in Croatia. Among the most common species in Croatia are the pomegranate (Punica granatum), the dog rose (Rosa canina), field rose (R. arvensis), rugosa rose (R. rugosa), Gallic rose (R. gallica), sweetbriar rose (R. rubiginosa), mountain rose (R. pendulina) and the evergreen rose (R. sempervirens).

Roses are best known as ornamental plants in gardens and parks and as cut flowers. However, except in horticulture, the application of roses can be very diverse.


The flowers of the Slavoljub Penkala rose variety are characterized by very diverse colors of their petals: from completely yellow, orange streaked with yellow stripes to completely yellow rose that are the color of old gold. The Slavoljub Penkala variety was created from the Ambassador variety, the most famous rose for cutting in yellow-orange color. Slavoljub Penkala is a tea rose that can be used as a cut flower or for cultivation in the garden, and its creator is Josip Rogin.

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