Udupi Saree – Special Covers India 2022

A Special Cover on Udupi Sarees was released on 25th Mar 2022 at Udupi. Originated in the mid of 1800s, the Udupi Handloom Sarees are known to provide comfort in the Hot climatic conditions of Tulunad region and are a major traditional saree of women folks of South Karnataka region. A unique practice of applying starch to the warp in order to strengthen and protect the yarn from abrasion in the healds and reed of the Malabar frame looms is unique to Udupi Cotton Sarees. The yarn is dyed with Vat dye and woven on strong fly shuttle loom called “Malabar Loom”.

Sarees with square geometric pattern are called “Parimala Saree” , Saree with simple design is called “Menaka Saree” and saree printed with dots is called “Menaka Butta Saree”. It has been allotted GI Tag no 224.

Serial no KTK/29/2022.