Aboriginal Fiber Art -Australia 2022

In recent decades, fibre art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples has achieved national and international recognition for its beauty, complexity and cultural significance.

This issue features contemporary fibre art by Yolŋu women of the small inland community of Gapuwiyak in north-east Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. The 900-strong community of Gapuwiyak includes people from 11 interconnected Yolŋu groups, including the Gupapuyngu, on whose land Gapuwiyak was built. The Yolŋu-owned Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts was established in 2009 and provides artistic support and a commercial outlet for more than a hundred artists from Gapuwiyak and surrounding homelands.

The artists working from Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts have long had a reputation for producing a range of exceptional fibre and other artworks. The three artists whose work is featured in the stamp designs make baskets and containers, called bathi, by skilfully twining, coiling or looping plant fibres that have been coloured with natural bush dyes. The fibre work of all three master weavers is held in collections nationally and internationally.

3X1.05 Aus $ stamps were issued on 03 May 2022