Rural Houses of Slovenia – 2022

The Dominko House in Gorišnica

This preserved farmhouse, with its separate residential and working premises and its characteristic well, stands in the village of Gorišnica near Ptuj, on the main Ptuj– Ormož road. It is a typical form of building from Slovenia’s Pannonian region, where the residential and working premises are under the same thatched roof and have an L-shaped ground plan.

The house, which dates from around 1700, is built entirely of wood, with the wooden logs that make up its walls plastered with clay, both inside and out. The residential premises consist of an entrance hall, an open-half kitchen, the main living area or hiša, another smaller chamber or izba and a storeroom. The house was continuously occupied until 1990. In 1989 it was proclaimed part of the immovable cultural heritage of the Republic of Slovenia. A typical Pannonian well stands in front of the working part of the building (consisting of a handy workshop, stalls for animals, a straw loft, a barn and a cellar). Visitors can also view the pigsty and the skeps (domed beehives made of straw), as well as a koruznjak, a rack for storing maize cobs that is only found in the Pannonian region of Slovenia.

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