SUSU The Dragon- Hungary 2019

Magyar Posta is issuing a special souvenir sheet with three stamps on the topic of Fairy Tale Characters featuring Süsü the Dragon from the animated televisionseries. Sixty thousand copies of the souvenir sheet were issued

The nine-episode animated television series based on thescreenplay written by István Csukás was first broadcast over40 years ago, but its leading character, the outcast dragonSüsü, is still instantly recognised by children in Hungary today.Mocked and feared by people, Süsü’s inner beauty was luckily recognised by the Good Prince, who arranged for the dragon to be welcomed into the royal court. There everyone came tolove Süsü, who became indispensable to life at the royal court.Besides the author István Csukás, other eminent artists, suchas the puppet designer Sándor Lévai, the puppeteer HenrikKemény, the actor Gyula Bodrogi and the dramaturgist VeraTakács, contributed to the creative process.

The souvenir sheet shows the main characters, naturally with the good-hearted dragon in the middle. To Süsü’s right is his greatest friend, the Prince, together with the Princess, the Young Prince and the Old King. On the left of the dragon are Nursey, the Chancellor and the Dragonhead Vendor, who would use any trick to strike a good deal. A scene from the bustling life at court appears on the first day cover and the postmark features the fish spouting water from the fountain in the middle of the square.

Date of Issue – 02 Sep 2019.