Veteran Tractors -Aland 2023 -First Day Cover

The stamp is one in a 3-year series featuring Veteran tractors in Åland. Starting in 2021, the stamp series will be completed in 2023. The series consists of a total of 6 stamps.

1955 Ferguson
This stamp shows a 1955 Ferguson TES20. The tractor came to Åland in 1956 in connection with an Åland exhibition, finding a new home on a farm in Svinö, Lumparland. Today, the tractor is kept on the premises of the veteran tractor club at the Åland rural centre in Jomala. It is used with a crate attached to drive around with children who participate in the 4-H activities.

1960 Fordson Super Major
The stamp shows a 1960 Fordson Super Major. The tractor was bought as new for a farm in Önningeby, Jomala. The tractor is still preserved on the farm and used when cutting the roadsides.