Stamps on NOWRUZ – 20 Mar 2023- Azerbaijan

Nowruz (which literally means new day in Persian) is the Iranian New Year also known as Persian New Year.It is celebrated worldwide by Iranians along with some other ethno linguistic groups as the beginning of New Year.

A Vivid description of Nowruz celebrations in the Courts of Kings of Iran is found in Nowruznama(Book of  New Year) attributed to Omar Khayyam a well Known Persian Poet and mathematician.

The United Nations  recognised the International Day of Nowruz in 2010 descibing it as a spring festival of Iranian origin. Nowruz is officially registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Iran issued a postage stamp during the First International Nowruz celebrations in Tehran on 27 Mar 2010.

Azerbaijan issued a Miniature Sheet on 20 Mar 2023 to celebrate Nowruz Festival. Unique delicacies such as Gogal, Baklava, Sugarbread and Shekerbura, which are shown on the Novruz stamp shown in the picture, are considered symbols of this holiday. Semani is one of the symbols of the holiday. Growing malt also signals the arrival of spring and the awakening of plants.

4x 0.50 Manat stamps . Print Quantity – 10,000.

Stamps on NOWRUZ – 20 Mar 2023- Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan 2023- Sakar Corayi
Azerbaijan 2023- Sakarbura