Kiel canal – Centenary – Germany Postcards

Kiel canal – Centenary – Germany Postcards.

The Kiel Canal (German Nord -Ostsee-Kanal) literally meaning North to Baltic Sea canal formerly known as the Kaiser -Wilhelm -Kanal is a 98 Km (61 Miles) long freshwater canal in the German state of Schleswig -Holstein. The canal was finishedin 1895 but later widened and links the North Sea at Brunsbuttel to the Baltic Sea at Kiel-Holtenau. An average of 250 nautical miles(460 Km) is saved by using the Kiel Canal instead ofGoing around the Jutland Peninsula.

A Stamp and Postcard was issued on 08 Jun 1995 to mark the Centenary of Canal.

The Postcard also marks 1000th Anniversary of German state of  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in North Germany.

Kiel Canal
Centenary Kiel Canal -Germany Postcards



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