Gonda – Ladakhi Cap – Stamps on Headgears of India 2017

Gonda – Ladakhi Cap – Stamps on Headgears of India 2017

A set of 16 stamps was issued by India Post on Headgears of India on 10 Feb 2017.These headgears from different parts of the country signify social ,cultural and community values. A set of 16 Souvenir covers issued by India Post on these 16 types of Headgears are listed.

Gonda-Ladakhi Cap– Ladakhi Cap is one of the traditional accessories of the costume of Ladakh. The Ladies wear ‘Gonda’ as a head dress.The ‘gonda’ is like a top hat but with the front brim cut away over the forehead. As a result the protruding sides resemble elf likeear. The ‘gonda’ is usually covered with silk and brocade or velvet and is embroidered in silver or gold thread. Older men also the ‘gonda’,but theirs is relatively simple.


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