Tepi (Brokpa or drokpa tribe )  Cap – Stamps on Headgears of India 2017.

A set of 16 stamps was issued by India Post on Headgears of India on 10 Feb 2017.These headgears from different parts of the country signify social ,cultural and community values. A set of 16 Souvenir covers issued by India Post on these 16 types of Headgears are listed.

Tepi (Brokpa or Drokpa tribe) Cap – The brokpa tribe is a small community of Dard people residing in Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. A Brokpa tribal is identified by a colorful headgear called Tepi that has various colorful props attached ,embellished with colorful berry flowers. The Tepi is also an instrument that wards evil eye.Old metal coins are part of the accessory. There is a belief that metal worn on the body prevents sickness. They believe each prop on the head gear has some medicinal purpose. The seven colored ribbon wards any ailment caused by the Sun or eclipse. The silver brooches ward off planetary influences and the Peacock feather wards off paralysis.

Tepi(Brokpa tribe) Headgear – stamps of India 2017