Japi Cap– Stamps on Headgears of India 2017

Japi Cap– Stamps on Headgears of India 2017

A set of 16 stamps was issued by India Post on Headgears of India on 10 Feb 2017.These headgears from different parts of the country signify social ,cultural and community values. A set of 16 Souvenir covers issued by India Post on these 16 types of Headgears are listed.

Japi Cap : The Jaapi or Japi is a traditional conical hat from Assam state of India. It is composed of closely knit cane staff bundled together with clusters or “japs” of the leaves of “tokou” a palm tree.In the past plain jaapi were used by ordinary Indians for protection from the sun while ornate jaapi wer worn as a status symbol by Assamese royalty and nobility.It is worn in a style of Bihu dance used as a protection against the elements offered as a sign of respect in ceremonies and placed as a  decorative item around the house especially near the front door as welcome sign.





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