First Day Cover Iran 1986 – Nowruz Spring Festival  1986Poppy Flowers of Iran 

Nowruz (which literally means new day in Persian) is the Iranian New Year also known as Persian New Year.It is celebrated worldwide by Iranians along with some other ethno linguistic groups as the beginning of New Year.

A set of Four stamps and FDC issued by Iran on 11 Mar 1986 to celebrate Nowruz Spring Festival. The stamps are on Poppy flowers of Iran.

Papaver Orientale : The Oriental Poppy is a perennial flowering plant native to Caucasus,North eastern turkey and Northern Iran. The oriental poppies grow a mound of leaves that are hairy and finally dissected in spring.They gather energy and bllom in mid summer.

Papaver Bracteatum : It is also known as Iranian Poppy,Persian Poppy and Great Scarlet Poppy.It is sturdy ,hardy perennial poppy with large deep red flowers up to 8 inches dia on stiff stalks four feet high.

Anemone Coronaria : Also known as Poppy anemone,Spanisn Marigold or windflower native to Mediterranean region.

Anemon Biflora : A small tuberous pant up to 10 cm tall.

Poppy Flowers of IranNowruz Spring Festival 1986