Nowruz Spring Festival  – First Day Cover Iran 1987 – Flowers of Iran 

First Day Cover Iran 1987 – Nowruz Spring Festival  1987Flowers of Iran 

Nowruz (which literally means new day in Persian) is the Iranian New Year also known as Persian New Year.It is celebrated worldwide by Iranians along with some other ethno linguistic groups as the beginning of New Year.

A set of Four stamps and FDC issued by Iran on 11 Mar 1987 to celebrate Nowruz Spring Festival. The stamps are on  flowers of Iran.

Iris Paradoxa steven  : Paradise of Iris

Iris persica : Persian Iris is a native plant of Iran known for its beauty and fragrance

Tulips clusiana : The lady tulip is an Asian species of tulip native to Iran,Afghanistan, Iraq ,Pakistan and Western Himalayas. It is cultivated for its ornamental beauty.

Rosa damascena : Commonly known a Damask Rose or rose of Castile is a hybrid rose. Flowers are renowned for fragrance and commercially harvested for rose oil and use to make rose water. The petals are edible and used to flavor food as garnish, herbal tea and preserved in sugar as gulkand .

First day covers of IranNowruz spring Festivals 1987

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