Bourbon rose -Roses on Stamps – Germany 1982

Bourbon rose -Roses on StampsGermany 1982

Germany issue a set of Four Charity stamps on 14 Oct 1982 which were on Roses.The species on stamps were

50pf – Tea Hybrid – It is informal horticultural classification of a groupof garden roses. They were created by crossing two types of roses. They are known for their long stemmed elegance and high centred blooms.

60pf- Floribunda Rose– Floribunda (Latin meaning Many flowering )is a modern group of garden Roses that was developed by crossing hybrid teas with Polyantha roses.

80pf- Bourbon Rose – It is Known for its unique heritage.The French developed this rose to be a perfect blend of strength and beauty.With stout branches that give way to magnificient clusters of translucent blooms ranging from deep red and perfect pink to light blush and pure white the rose flaunts a royal sense of elegance.

120pf- Polyantha Hybrid – Derived from crosses between rosa chinensis and rosa multiflora.The idea was to createroses that bloomed with polyantha profusion  but with hybrid tea floral beauty and color range .




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