Great Britain stamps on Roses 1976

Great Britain stamps on Roses 1976.

Great Britain issued a set of four stamps on 30 Jun 1976 to mark 100th Anniversary of Royal National Rose Society. The Four species of Roses on stamps were Elizabeth Of Glamis,Grandpa Dickson,Rosa Mundi and Sweet Briar.

Elizabeth of Glamis (Irish Beauty) – Introduced in 1964, Elizabeth of Glamis was named after Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother whose childhood home was Glamis Castle in Scotland. It is a sweet scented excellent cluster flowered rose with lush dark green foilage on a bushy medium sized plant. The petals are luminous salmon orange.

Grandpa Dickson Rose ( Irish Gold) – Introduced in 1966.A popular large flowered rose has full double blooms that are well formed and yellow. Has won many awards for its crispness.

Rosa Mundi – Derived from wild rose pale pink with splashed with crimson.

Sweet Briar Rose – This vigorous tall shrub has densely prickly fawny green stems covered by strong thorns. The dark green foliage smells strongly of apples when crushed. Flowers are scented,pink and beautiful.


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