Celebration Corsage stamp – USA 2017

Celebration Corsage stamp – USA 2017.

USA issued a two ounce(71c) stamp on 02 My 2017 for life’s special moments. This elegant stamp can accommodate the weight of heavy invitations for birthdays,anniversaries etc,oversize greeting cards for all occasions and mailings such as small gifts which require extra postage.

The stamp features an arrangement of ranunculus with accents of hypericum berry,Astrantia and seed eucalyptus The soft peach petals of Ranunculus contrast with the rougher textures of greens and grays of accent plants.The ribbon that twines through the corsage adds an earthy texture as well as giving a visual sense of movement in the arrangements.

The word”corsage” is French and originally meant bodice of a dress. Women once wore flowers pinned to their dresses and little posies were called bouquet the corsage or “corsage”.Along with Buttonnieres for men corsages were fashionable for daily wear in earlier centuries particularly during 1700s & 1800s but gradually they began to be worn for formal occasions.

Today Corsages are being worn by mothers of bride and groom at Weddings and by honorees on Mother’s day,Birthdays,Anniversaries,Easter or any special occasion.

Ethel Kessler designed the stamps.


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