Traditional Houses in UAE – Stamps of UAE 2003

Traditional Houses in UAE – Stamps of UAE 2003

A set of Four beautiful stamps on Traditional houses in UAE was issued on 20 Oct 2003.

The Four stamps feature

50 fils – Al Areesh (Palm Frond)-It is built with Palm trunks and Jndal wood and has a Square shape. The design of Coastal house was different from those Inland. On the coast fronds were removed to allow ventilation while inlands fronds were placed in such a way to block hot air. The height may reach upto 10 feet.

175 fils -Al Teen (Mud House) – The origin is not known but construction became common in 20th Century .It is built with cone shaped bricks made of mud & straw.The number of rooms was determined by land available.Many corridors were built and height may reach 12 feet.The roof was made of palm trunks ,mud and jandal wood.

275 fils – Al Saff (Pebbles House)– It is buit in rectangular shape of Pebbles,stone and mud and its height may reach 8 to 9 feet depending on requirements. It is common in eastern areas. The roof is made of Palm trunks and mud mixed with straw.

325 fils- Al Shaar (Tent House) – It is built from Goat fur and sheep wool mixed ,woven and twisted into round shape. This type of house is usually built in deserts by Bedouins.The height is between 7 to 8 feet. Ropes,Pillars and Sticks are used in construction of this type of house.

A First Day Cover is listed.


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