Stamps of Pakistan on 65 Years of Independence -2012

Stamps of Pakistan on 65 Years of Independence -2012

A Stamp was issued by Pakistan on 30 Aug 2012 to mark 65th Anniversary of Independence . The 10 Rupees stamp features Abdur Rahman Chugtai a Painter Artist.

Abdur Rahman Chugtai (1894-1975)  was aPainter Artist and intellectual from who created his own unique distinctive  painting style influenced by Mughal art,miniature painting ,Art Nouveau and Islamic art traditions.He is considered the first significant Muslim artist from South Asia and National artist of Pakistan. He was given the title of Khan Bahadur by British Empire in India in 1934, awarded Pakistan’s Hilal-i-Imtiaz in 1960 and the Presidential Medal for Pride of Performance in 1958.

In 1911 he joined Mayo School of Arts . He was influenced by Samrendranath Gupta(Vice Principal Mayo School at that time) who was a pupil of Abanindranath Tagore.His early watercolors take off from revivalism of Bengal School of  Art- his Jahanara & Taj shows the  influenced of Abanindranath’s “The Last Moments of Shah Jahan”

He Published three books of his own works .The ” Muraqqa-i-Chugtai” was a beautifully illustrated edition of Mirza Ghalib’s Urdu Poetry with a foreword by Muhammad Iqbal and is considered as the most significant work of Chugtai’s career.

He designed the logos of Pakistan TV and Pakistan Radio. On Pakistan’s Independence day in 1951 he designed a set of 9 stamps known as “Chugtai Art set” .

A FDC featuring the stamps and Chugtai on the Cover is listed.


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