UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Town of Elvas-Stamps of Portugal 2014

UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Garrison Border Town of Elvas and its Fortifications -Stamps of Portugal 2014

Guarding the key border crossing between Portugal’s capital Lisbon and Spain’s capital Madrid in an undulating riverine landscape the Garrison town of Elvas was fortified extensively between 17th to 19th centuries to become the largest bulwarked dry ditch system in the world, with the outlying forts built on surrounding hills to accommodate the changing needs of defensive warfare. The site contains the 7km long Amoreira duct.

The property includes seven components

The Historic Centre ,Amoreira aqueduct , The Fort of Santa Luzia , Covered way linking it to historic centre,  The Fort of Graca, and the Fortlets of  Sao Mamede , Sao Pedro and Sao Domingos.

It was declared UNESCO Heritage site in 2012.

Portugal issued a set of four stamps on 30 Jun 2014. The stamps feature

0.42 Euro -Fort of Graca

0.50 Euro – Amoreira aqueduct

0.72 Euro – Fort of Santa Luzia

0.80 Euro- Pelourinho or Historic Centre.


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