Palaces of Portugal – Stamps 2012

Palaces of Portugal – Stamps 2012

Portugal Issued a set of Six stamps on Palaces of Portugal on 03 Oct 2012. The Palaces are

Ajuda – It a neoclassical monument in the Civil Parish of Ajuda in City Of Lisbon Built in 1755 after earthquake and Tsunami for the Royal family. In 1992 assigned to Portuguese Institute of Architectural Heritage.

Pena – The Pena Palace is a Romanticist Castle in Sao Pedro de Pennaferrim in the municipality of Sintra.The castle stands on top of a hill in Sintra Mountains above the town of Sintra.It is a national monument and one of the expressions of 18th century romanticism in the World.It is UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

Mafra -It is a monumental Baroque and Italianized Neoclassical Palace Monastery located in town of Mafra 28 kilometres from Lisbon. Construction began in 1715 and completed in 1755.It was classified as National Monument in 1910 and one of the finalists for Seven Wonders of Portugal. Associated with School of Sculpture.

Sintra- Also known as Town Palace ,located in Town of Sintra,Lisbon District.Now a historic house Museum. It is a blend of Gothic,Manueline,Moorish & Mudejar styles of architecture. The original built in 10th Century but one that today is of 14th Century Palace.

Monserrate- It is a Palatial Villa located near Sintra . In 1978 the Park and Palace were categorised as Buildings of National Interest.

Queluz -18th Century Palace located at Queluz in Sintra. It is last of Rococo buildings designed in Europe.It now a tourist place.One of the wings of Palace is used as Guest house for visiting Heads of States.


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