Provincial Flags of Papua New Guinea on Stamps -2004

Provincial Flags of Papua New Guinea on Stamps -2004

Papua New Guinea issued a set of beautiful and colorful stamps on Provincial Flags of Papua New Guinea. This was the second issue from series of three and all were definitive stamps.

The details of stamps and Provinces featured are

70 t – Madang Province   – Red ,Black and Yellow  stripes represent National Flag. Six white stars represent six districts .In black and white Madang’s memorial to coast watchers of WW II surrounded by coconut palm branches (agriculture) and a slit drum for tradition are featured.

70t – Eastern New Britain Province – A Green stripe separates Red and Blue Traingles Four white stars over blue represent the National Flag. Traditional shell money surrounds a circle. traditional masks of Tolai(dukduk) and Baining dancers are in centre

2.65k – Eastern Highlands Province -Red and Green triangles form the background . Inside a large yellow star in centre , a one legged man named Nokondi holds a coffee branch ( main cash crop).The star has six points (six districts).It is surrounded by eight smaller stars (for local government councils).

2.70k –Morobe Province – The background stripes are green (for vegetation),yellow (for Markham Valley)  ,Blue (for sea).A white Bird of Paradise(for animal life),white pigss tusks(for tradition), a brown and yellow kundu drum (for festivals)and spears (for traditional warfare) are at the centre.

4.60k- Milne Bay Province  – Milne Bay is SE tip of Papua New Guinea.  Vertical stripe of green on left (for plants ) and white (for beaches ).A square is divided into triangles of blue (for sea)and red (for festivals).A Yellow star on red represents Eastern star (a seafarers guide) and Christian missionaries

10k –East Sepik Province – In upper right quarter a yellow Bird of paradise ( National Flag) is  set on red background. In the lower left quarter a haus tambaran ( for hills and plains people ), crocodile (for river people),shark (for coastal people).kundu and garamut drums, spear and lime pot (representing culture ) are set over a green background.

A First Day Cover  with stamps is listed.


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