Stamps on Sports Personalities  – 1968 Mexico Olympics – Germany 1968

The Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) or West Germany issued a set of Five stamps on 06 Jun 1968 to commemorate 1968 Mexico Summer Olympics.These Stamps featured Sports Personalities and Administrators connected with the Olympic movement.

10+5 Pf – Carl Friedrich Freiherr Von Langen (1887-1934). A German Horse Rider who won the Individual Dressage Event in Equestrian with his horse Draufganger at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics

20+10 Pf – Rudolf Harbig (1913-1944). A German middle-distance runner who competed in 800 metres but did not win any medal, but won a Bronze medal in 4x400m relay tea with the German team. Joined the Nazi army and fought for Nazi Germans in the Battle of Moscow in 1941.

30 Pf – Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1862-1937). Founder of the International Olympic Committee and its second President. He is the father of modern Olympic Games.

30+15 Pf – Helen Mayer (1910-1953) was a German-born fencer who won Gold Medal at 1928 Amsterdam Olympics and a Silver Medal at 1936 Berlin Olympics. She was a Jewish and was forced to move out of Germany in 1933 and yet returned to Germany to compete in Women’s Individual Foil as a Jewish. She was the only athlete of Jewish origin to win a Medal for Germany.

50+25 Pf – Carl Diem (1882-1962)– Sports Organizer and Teacher. As the Secretary-General of the Organising Committee of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, he is known as the Chief Organiser of 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics. He is also credited with the tradition of starting the Olympic Torch Relay from the 1936 Berlin Olympics. After the War, he became associated with Berlin University Physical Education Department. Due to his relations with the German Government from 1939-1945 was always a controversial figure.