Heritage Mysore Post Cards -India 2014- Ganjifa.

India Post issued a set of 10 Post Cards on Mysore Heritage in 2014.

Ganjifa is a term commonly used for hand-made and hand-painted traditional playing cards prevalent in India since medieval times. The art and games of these cards gained popularity in India during the 16th century. Mysore Ganjifa was patronised by Wodeyar Kings.

The main aim of the game was to teach, learn and tell stories from our ancient scriptures and holy books, all the 18 games in the Mysore Ganjifa style were set to stories and slokas from the Hindu Puranas, stories from Ramayana, Mahabharta etc.

Ganjifa cards are of historical importance besides holding aesthetic and artistic value. They serve a social purpose by bringing people together, providing entertainment and by popularising socio-cultural themes. The cards are also used as souvenirs.

A Special Cover on Ganjifa has also been released in 2012 during MAHAPEX2012 at Pune.

Mysore Heritage Postcards2014 – Mysore Ganjifa Card Game