Stamps on Flowers of Bhutan -1994 (2)

Bhutan issued a set of 10 Stamps on Local flora on 01 Jan 1994. A strip containing 10 stamps is listed.

5 Nu – Aquilegia nivalis – Also known as Snow Columbine with deep purple flowers. Found in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir in India.

6 Nu – Geranium Wallichianum – Himalayan /Flower of India with rose pink or red-purple flowers

7 Nu – Rhododendron Campanulatum – Bell Rhododendron is wild species of Rhododendron found in Himalayan Alpine regions of Northern India, Nepal and Bhutan. Beautiful bell-shaped flowers are pale-mauve or rosy-purple.

9 Nu – Viola Suavis -Also known as Russian Violet.

10 Nu – Cynanthus Lobatus – Trailing Bellflower with bright-blue purple flowers and sepal tube. Himalayan Flower found in Himachal Pradesh India and China.