Euroasia Social Business Forum – Miniature Sheet Turkey 2013.

Euroasia Social Business Forum – Miniature Sheet Turkey 2013.

Euroasia Social Business Forum was organised in May 2013 in Istanbul Turkey. The forum lists its mission – is to create awareness to resolve socio-economic challenges by creating social changes on the basis of social business models. The Forum facilitates exchange of knowledge and best practices among social entrepreneurs, academics, students, investors, civil society and business leaders.

Ashoka is the first and largest social entrepreneur network which triggered social entrepreneurship in Turkey. Some Social Entrepreneurship from Ashoka Turkey fellows in Turkey are

Support for Women Work –  For Women

KA-MER -Adult Education & Equal rights for Families and Women.

Water Lily Women’s Cooperatives -Cooperatives for Childcare & Women

Networking for Nature Conservation in Turkey – Naturenet

Autistics Association – Children and Challenged.

A Project funded by UNDP with the title “Growing Inclusive Markets: Social Entrepreneurship cases in Turkey” lists several social entrepreneurship cases from Turkey like Genctur, AYDER, BUGDAY, KEDV.

Turkey issued a miniature sheet with two stamps on EUROASIA Business Forum on 23 May 2013. The First 1.10 Lira stamp shows a bridge and second 1.10Lira stamp shows a water drop.



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