Stamps on National Parks – Ireland 2011.

Stamps on National Parks – Ireland 2011.

Ireland issued a set of six stamps on National Parks on 06 Jun 2011 (World Environment Day). These were issued in Se-Tenant strips of three.

55c – Ballycroy National Park.- It was established as a National Park on 01 Nov 1998 and now covers 117.79 hectares. Blanket bogs, largest peatland, whooper swan,white-fronted goose are the attractions.

55c – The Burren National Park- It is the smallest national Park of Ireland with orchids, butterflies, moths, otters, Pine marten, Dolphins being the attractions,

55c – Connemara National Park.- It was opened to public in 1990 and covers 2000 hectares of land. Its attractions are bog cotton, orchids, Robins, Wrens etc.


82c -Glenveagh National Park.- It is the second-largest National Park in Ireland and was established in 1986. Red Deer and Pine trees are the attractions.

82c – Killarney National Park -It was First national Park of Ireland established in 1932 on land donated by Muckross estate. It now encompasses 25,425 acres of Land. It has beautiful oak and yew woodlands, Lake Killarney, wet woodlands, Red Deer, sika deer, wood warbler, garden warbler , osprey etc.

55c – Wicklow Mountains National Park- It is 54,000 acres protected area established in 1992 south of Dublin. It is located in Wicklow mountains and is known for Deciduous and Coniferous Woods, Bluebells, Polypody ferns, bats, rare otters and whooper swans.



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