Pro Juventute Stamps of Switzerland – Christmas Candles & Mushrooms -1994

Pro Juventute is a charitable foundation in Switzerland established in 1912. It is dedicated to supporting the rights and needs of Swiss children and Youth. Since1913, the Swiss Post Office has been issuing an annual charity stamp series to support the work of  Pro Juventute. The Latin phrase “Pro Juventute” means “For the Children”

What makes these stamps interesting is that they have tended to run in a series of similar designs. The 1915-17 stamps show children in folk costumes; 1918-26, cantonal coats of arms; 1933-42, women in traditional cantonal dress; 1943-49, flowers; 1950-57, insects; 1958-64, flowers; 1965-67, animals; 1968-71, birds; 1973-76, forest plants; 1978-81, municipal coats of arms; 1983-86, children’s toys and fairy tales; 1987-90, child development; 1991-94, forest flora; 1995-98, animals again; 1999-2001, children’s books; 2002-05, children’s rights; and 2006-08, children’s art.

Later years’ issues have not been continuing series.

The Theme for 1994 series of four stamps issued on 28 Nov 1994 was Christmas Candles & Mushrooms. A Block of Four stamps of 100+50 Centimes featuring Shaggy Scalycap Mushrooms is listed.