Brazilian Coffee – Story through Stamps Part 2- 1938-53.

Coffee spread from Para and reached Rio De Janeiro in 1770. Once the demand from American & European markets increased – Coffee plantations saw a boom in early 19th Century. Coffee plantations grew in size in Rio, Sao Paulo & Minas Gerais. In the first half of 19th Century 1.5 Million slaves were imported to work on coffee plantations. By 1840 Brazil became the largest producer of Coffee in the World and its share of exports and production was 40% of World. In 1850’s European immigrants worked on coffee plantations and slavery was abolished in 1888.

Brazil issued stamps on Coffee during 1938-53 keeping in line with its coffee market share.

07 Jan 1938 – 1200 Reis – Promoting Coffee- Brazilian flag emblazoned on a coffee bag atop branches.        Print – 2,000,000

25 Jan 1953 – Coffee Blossoms and berries —- Print 1,500,000