Brazilian Coffee – Story through Stamps Part 3- 1950-65

By 1840 Brazil became the largest producer of Coffee in the World and its share of exports and production was 40% of World. This Period is known as cafe com leite (Coffee with milk). The growing coffee industry and increasing immigration transformed Sao Paulo from a small town to the largest industrial center in the World . Its population grew from 30,000 in 1850 to 2,40,000 by 1900 and surpassed Rio. Sao Paulo’s influence in local politics also increased as a result of this.

Brazil dominated the Coffee market but during 1950’s its market share declined due to increased global production . yet the share remained at over 60% till late 60’s.

Brazil issued stamps on Coffee during 1960-65 keeping in line with its coffee market share.

30 Jun 1961 – 20 Cruzeiro – International Conference on Coffee.  Print – 10,000,000

21 Dec 1965 – 30 Cruzeiro – Coffee Promotion —- Print 5,000,000