Brazilian Coffee – Story through Stamps Part 4- 1965-2000

Brazil dominated the Coffee market but during 1950’s its market share declined due to increased global production . yet the share remained at over 60% till late 60’s. Brazilian Coffee , Cuban Sugar & American Cotton became cash crops and their study in relation with slavery , International agreements makes interesting reading. The demand for higher grade coffee increased. The International Coffee agreement curtailed Brazil’s dominance , export quotas were imposed , quality controls became an issue.

The six Brazilian States with largest acreage for Coffee are Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo , Sao Paulo , Bahia , Rondonia & Parana.

Brazil issued stamps on Coffee during 1977-83 keeping in line with its coffee market share.

18 Aug 1977 – 1.30 Cruzeiro – Coffee Harvester.

May 1983 – 38 Cruzeiro – Coffee