Brazilian Coffee – Story through Stamps Part 5- 2000 onwards

The six Brazilian States with largest acreage for Coffee are Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo , Sao Paulo , Bahia , Rondonia & Parana. There are about 220,000 Coffee farms in Brazil.

Brazil has been the World’ largest producer of Coffee for last 150 Years and currently producing one third of world produce. In 2011 Brazil was world leader in green coffee production followed by Vietnam , Indonesia & Colombia. In 2011 the total production was 2.7 million tonnes more than double Vietnam’s production which ranked second. Some 3.5 million people are involved in this industry.

From a high of 63% share in exports in 1950′ & 1960’s , Coffee now accounts for about 12-13 % of export . This is also due to high domestic consumption.

Brazil issued stamps on Coffee during 2000. Stamp printed with aromatic resin.

07 Dec 2001 – 1.30 Real – Coffee .   Print 3,6000,000

Brazil Coffee