Brazilian Coffee – Story through Stamps Part 7- Coffee Varieties.

According to International Coffee Organization Brazil was World’s leading producer of Coffee in 2013 with an output of  49 million 60 kg bags.

The most Popular Coffee Brands of Brazil are Cafe Pilao , Cafe do Ponto, Brazilian Santos, Cafe Melitta , Cafe Bom dia , Cafe Caboclo.

There are two species of Coffee Arabica & Robusta . Arabica accounts for 70% of World and Brazil production whereas Robusta accounts for balance 30%. in Brazil Arabica is grown in the coffee clusters led by Minas Gerais whereas 80% of robusta is grown in Espirito santo.  Rondonia is also now growing robusta in large numbers.

The Processing industry is of two types – ground/roasted coffee & Instant coffee. The ground /roasted coffee market is highly competitive with over 1000 companies whereas the instant coffee has four companies accounting for 75% of market. USA is the biggest consumer of Coffee in the World.

Brazil issued a miniature sheet with two stamps on Historic Coffee Farms.

1.00 Real – Fazenda Pau de’alho                1.00 Real – Fazenda Ponte Alta