Stamps on Hummingbirds – Venezuela 1998.

Venezuela issued two stamps on Hummingbirds on 04 Dec 1998.

200 Bs – Crimson Topaz     At 21-23 centimetres it is the second largest variety of Hummingbirds.

200 Bs – Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird – Gem of Amazonian Savannah habitats of Colombia , Venezuela and Northern South America

The stamps also feature William H Phelps ( 14 Jun 1875 -8 Dec 1965) an ornithologist. One of his sons William H Phelps Jr was also an ornithologist. Williams Sr was born in USA but did his work in Venezuela and founded Phelps collection -largest ornithologist collection in Latin America and largest Private ornithologist collection in the world. Collection of 80,000 birds in feathers. He also founded Radio Caracas Radio.