Venezuela  – Cocoa Products– 2007

Ghana issued ten stamps and a miniature sheet  stamps on Cocoa Products.

Behind Ivory Coast Ghana is the second largest exporter of Cocoa in the world. It is a 100 Billion Dollar industry today but sadly there are 2.1 million children employed as child labourers in this industry in West African regions. An average farmer in Ghana just makes 84 cents a day and in Ivory Coast a mere 50 cents.

Venezuela produces only 20,000 tonnes of Cocoa compared to Ivory Coast production of 2 million tonnes but Venezuela produces the finest chocolate in the world . It is homeland to first cocoa tree and the world sought after criollo beans and other rare varieties

Date of issue 01 Oct 2015     Print – 100,000         FV -562 Bvs

Venezuela Cocoa