UPAEP – Traditional Cuisine of Chile – 2019

The theme for UPAEP stamps for 2019 was traditional Cuisine. Chile issued two stamps on the traditional cuisine. date of Issue 25 Oct 2019      Print – 50,000.

The First Stamp $ 480 features Mote Con huesillo , paila marina , empanadas

Mote Con huesillo –  It is a traditional Chilean Summer Drink, commonly sold by street vendors. Non-alcoholic beverage made from dried peaches cooked in sugar, water and cinnamon-once cooled mixed with  fresh cooked husked wheat. Mote (Husked wheat) and huesillo is (dried peaches).

Paila Marina- It is a traditional Chilean seafood soup or light stew usually served in Paila (earthernware bowl) . Shellfish stock base cooked with variety of seafood ,shellfish,herbs and spices.

Empanadas – It is baked or fried turnover consisting of Pastry and filling.The word comes from Spanish empanar which translates to embreaded or wrapped or coated in bread. Dough made with flour ,sugar ,oil and egg and fillings of meat , chicken, beans or rice makes great empanadas.

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