UPAEP – Traditional Cuisine of Chile – 2019

The theme for UPAEP stamps for 2019 was traditional Cuisine. Chile issued two stamps on the traditional cuisine. date of Issue 25 Oct 2019      Print – 50,000.

The First Stamp features Marraqueta,Cazuela and Vini Tinto.

370 $ – Marraqueta or Llonguet is French Bread or Portuguese Bread roll very popular in South America.The White braed has a crunchy texture. Made from Flour, water ,yeast and salt. Are known by this name because of its shape and can be easily divided into four parts.  Chileans enjoy Marraquetas in Breakfast toasted with avocado spread,or as a dinner roll to dip or spread with pebre a pepper Sauce.

Chilean Cazuela – The name Cazuela is Spanish for Cooking Pot, traditionally unglazed earthernware in which it is cooked. The Chilean Cazuela consists of Meat ,Potatoes , Carrots, Pumpkin, Onions, Pepper & Green Beans. It is generally served as one piece of meat, one potato, one piece of pumpkin and a portion of corn in dish of stew.

Vino Tinto -In Spanish it means any type of Red Wine . A part of Spanish Cuisine and popular in South America. Fresh Berry Fruit Flavours, crafted from Tempranilo grapes with no oak aging. Since the color of grape is allowed to tint to red color from white the Spanish call it Vino Tinto and Not Vino Rojo.

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