Traditional Culture Head Coverings – South Korea 2004

South Korea issued a set of four Se-tenant stamps on Theme Traditional Culture -head Coverings on 20 Aug 2004. Traditionally Hats were worn as per social status and ceremonial occasions.

190 Won – Golden Crown  – Civil & Military Officials during Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) wore Golden Crown as part of Official Uniform during New Year Days, National Holidays, Great Religious Ceremonies and when royal decrees were promulgated. The Golden Crown was cylindrical with  vine motif. The vine pattern was Golden and rest of Hat was black.

190 Won -Bamboo Hat – These hats were made of loosely -woven bamboo fibers and were worn by labourers , peddlers , butchers at the bottom of social ladder. Principal mourners would also wear bamboo hats on top of hoods when moving out during mourning period.

190 Won – Gauze Hat – From the late Goryeo Dynasty (938-to 1392) and early Joseon Dynasty the Gauze hats were worn by Government officials as part of their attire outside office. Commoners wore these hats during Wedding Ceremonies.                      

190 won – Horsehair hats – Horsehair hats were a symbol of upper caste during early Joseon Dynasty and it started with Government officials wearing it as a part of Normal Uniform. The use of silk and ornaments at the end of hat strings would signify the status and wealth.

Date of issue – 20 Aug 2004           Print – 560,000

korea hats 2004