Oldest Pearls on Stamps – Umm al Quwain-UAE 2016

A Pearl was discovered in Jun 2012 at a neolithic excavation site in Umm Al Quwain and it is believed to 7,500 years old and belongs to 5,500 BC. At that time it was believed to the oldest Pearl in the World .

Emirates Post (United Arab Emirates ) issued a 3 AED Stamp on this Pearl on 15 Nov 2016. A Miniature sheet of 10 AED was also issued.

This is no longer the oldest Pearl as two more older pearls were discovered after this. A Pearl found in Sharjah was found to be older than this. A Pearl was discovered at Marawah site in Abu Dhabi and it is believed to be 7800-8000 years old from 5,800 BC or earlier Period. It was displayed at 10000 Year Luxury Exhibition in Oct 19- Feb 2020 at Louvre Abu Dhabi. (SOURCE AETOSWire). It also confirmed about trade in Pearls and Oysters about 8000 years ago.