Hello in Italian & Portuguese on Stamps – UN Stamps 2019.

UNPA issued a series of Hello stamps on World Languages from its UNPA in New York, Vienna and Geneva Offices. It featured the most commonly said and Spoken word & SALUTATION when two people – friends or strangers, women and men , children , even elders , different linguistic backgrounds speak on meeting each other. The stamps feature how the Word “Hello” will be written in each language. HELLO BRIDGES THE LINGUISTIC BARRIERS

International Mother language Day – on Nov 17 1999 , UNESCO had declared 21 Feb as International Mother Language Day . It was in memory of Four Youth killed in Dhaka in police Firing on 21 Feb 1952 due to riots over linguistic issues.

On International Mother Language Day UNESCO and other UN agencies take part in the events to promote cultural and linguistic diversity all around the world.

UNPA New York issued two 55c stamps on Hello in Portuguese, Mandarin and Italian languages on 21 Feb 2019 to commemorate International Mother language Day.