International Mother Language Day – Bangladesh Stamps 2020.

International Mother language Day – on Nov 17 1999 , UNESCO had declared 21 Feb as International Mother Language Day . It was in memory of Four Youth killed in Dhaka in police Firing on 21 Feb 1952 due to riots over Bengali and Urdu language. In 1947 at the time of partition the province of Bengal was divided into two parts: the western part became West Bengal in India and the eastern part known as East Bengal which was later known as East Pakistan in Pakistan . At that time there were many economic, social and cultural issues including linguistic issue in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). In 1948 when Pakistan government announced Urdu as the national language it sparked the protest among the Bengali speaking majority of East Pakistan. The protest got out of control and ended with the death of four protestors of the University of Dhaka who were shot by the police. The students’ deaths during the fight for their mother language are now remembered as The International Mother Language Day.

The Shaheed Minar in Bangladesh pays respects to the four Youth protestors Killed for the sake of their mother language. An International Mother Language Day monument was constructed at the Ashfield Park in Sydney, Australia.

On International Mother Language Day UNESCO and other UN agencies take part in the events to promote cultural and linguistic diversity all around the world.

Stamps issued by Bangladesh on International Mother Language Day

21 Feb 2020 – 10 Taka Stamp


21 FEB 2012 – 60 Years of Language Movement (1952-2012)