Campaign against Littering – Environment Protection – Stamps of Slovenia 2020.

Slovenia issued a set of Five Definitive stamps on 25 Sep 2020 on the theme Campaign against Littering as part of Environment Protection Programme. These stamp themes are mirrors our attitudes towards environment. These are our minor actions which are becoming major environment concerns.

No Value Indicator – Alphabet C – Fly-Tipping (illegal Dumping of Trash)- Fly tipping and illegal waste dumps in most un spoilt corners of Natural environment . There are waste dumps in Forests , Woods around lakes and Banks of rivers which surprise us and then we launch clean up Campaigns.

No Value Indicator – Alphabet D – Food Waste – This requires immediate attention as the waste is depriving so many of just one meal a day and also not contributing any good way to Environment.

1 Euro – Graffiti as Vandalism – Graffiti was a genre of contemporary artistic creativity in Urban Environment or the expression of views on current events and society as non-verbal communication. But now Vandals armed with Spray Cans are causing extreme damage to environment.